Setting up KPIs

Scott Underhill

Setting up KPIs

KPIs in the call center are critical for both measuring the success of the business and the progress of how well they are performing. With the right KPIs in place, it makes it easy to react to issues which might arise, correct and solve problems within the organisation.

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Outcome KPI setup

Top Level KPIs

In setting up the KPIs for your call center there are a few factors which need to be considered.

  • Setting up the over all goals that you want to achieve in terms of quality, cost and profit
  • Aligning your next level of KPI goals to key personal which will relate to that direction
  • Set up counter KPIs, to ensure that the goals set have checks and balances

In the first stage you will want to start with your over all objectives.
Value goals = (Monthly Goal Value - Operational Expenses - Fixed cost) / Monthly Return
then you will need to factor your quality goals or other goals, such as customer satisfaction / total possible customer satisfaction. Over All Goals, would be the weight average of all your goals.

ROI Goal0.7
Quality Goal0.2
Operational Goal0.1
Total Weghiting1

So, this way your Top Level KPI = ROI Goal * 0.7 + Quality Goal *0.2 + Operational Goal * 0.1

After setting up your Top Level KPI. You can identify which variable and information has the greatest over all impact of your business. Which can be broken down into Next Level Management Goals.

A KPI it self, holds no value along. But it needs to be measured in levels, and a point of duration for comparision.

LowA range below this is unaccepable
Low - MediumAcceptable range, can be improved
HighIndicating continual growth in the business

These KPIs, can then be composed down into the management, team and agent level. To ensure that all individual know what they need to achieve and how to achieve it.

To avoid over reaching on a single KPIs sometime counter KPIs need to be made, which is often in terms of a user like QA who's action will have a negative impact on an agent, but a positive impact on quality for the over all operation.

Agents KPIS

Agent KPIs need to both reflect the company goals, as well as reflect the behaviour of the agents. There are the clear KPIs which are

  • Reach Client Goal
  • Customer Functionality

And them more functional goals
  • Pause Time: How long a agent was paused for
  • Dead Time: How long the client spent after a call has finished
And then more soft metrics
  • Correct Delivery of Script
  • Correct Delivery of Tone
  • Correct Dispositions

Having these KPIs in place are more than just letting agents know if they are working correctly or not but they provide early warning signs of where agents need to be re-trained and adjusted accordingly.

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