Setting up a campaign

Scott Underhill

Setting up a campaign

This will cover modelling your campaign, selecting the technologies, and the key personnel required.

Audience Campaign Managers

Outcome Modelling the campaign.

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Modelling the campaign

The above image is a BPMN model of how a campaign model could work, although any type of workflow or decision diagram would be sufficient in what we want to achieve. It is important to note that we are not modelling the script - we are only modelling the workflow of the campaign.

Developing the campaign

This is an interactive process, so first you will need to ask yourself:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What information do you need?
  • What are the points of resistance?

In this example, we will break down the stages of the diagram above:

Stage 1

  • Reaching the customer
  • Customer contact information
  • Does the customer pick up the phone or not?

Stage 2

  • Finding out key information
  • Ask pre-qualifying questions
  • Does the customer pre-qualify?

Stage 3

  • Save information for under-qualified customers, as they may qualify later

Stage 4

  • The customer qualifies
  • Do they have time to talk to a consultant?

Stage 5

  • If they do not have time, set an appointment
  • Ask the customer when they have time to talk to a consultant
  • Schedule the appointment to match with a consultant

Stage 6

  • Customer has time to talk to a consultant
  • Transfer the customer to a consultant, providing hand off information

Stage 7

  • Submit the lead and complete the process

Purpose of the model

To be able to understand your campaign, you will need to understand the decision points you need to make along the journey. You must also know when and how you will follow up with the customers.

This diagram is a clear representation of how the call may progress through each stage. When you are monitoring the call center's activity, you can measure how the calls go through each path.

Understanding this flow can help you organize each stage and the correct response. It also allows you to tweak your overall campaign flow at any time. Through the use of KPIs and workflow analysis, you will be able to fully optimize the process that you put in place.

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