QA Process

Scott Underhill

Real Time Feedback

Real Time Feedback for agents is critical in getting success. The quicker the feedback the better the information flow is.

Audience Campaign Manager

Outcome Importance of Realtime Feedback

When a KPI fails, or you get invalid from a QA, this is generally the optimal time to fix and adjust an agents calling and calling behaviour. The main reason is that this call is still fresh in their mind and any training provided will have context to a call and how the call was performed.

Having a trainer on hand will ensure that agents get the feedback, and are able to adjust their behaviour as needed.

When large trends start appearing in terms of behaviour or leads, then this is the point that the need for group training may be required, to go over concepts and refresher concepts.

Using this feedback, their maybe something more fundamental that just agents not performing, the issue might be related to the process involved, script or other key process. Which will need to be evaluated.

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