QA Process

Scott Underhill

QA Process

QA is an importance process to the company, and often the key component which holds everythign to gether.

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Outcome Process of QA

QA is often an underlooked role, and a very key role to the call center. In many call center the QAs result will reflect what needs to be improved, what was good, what was bad, if processes where followed correctly or not

The process of a QA normally involves evaluation of calls and the interaction of the call with a customer. For example/ In an outbound lead generation campaign, the majority of the time the QA will listen to the call, identify if the call was handled correctly, the information entered into the system was correct.

Many times, QA can only validate a subset of leads, which can be a converted lead, or randsom selection of leads from a disposition status.

QAs will normally have a variety of dispositions as well. Valid, Partially Valid, Invalid (reason). Having these disposition will reflect an agents KPIs and their commissions to assist in where they have done a good job, or they have done a bad job of the process.

Also often the QAs action will feed into a trainer, and the trainers action. So that the trainer knows what the agent did not do, so that they can improve the process for the future.

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