Modelling your script

Scott Underhill

Modelling your script

Audience Script Master or Campaign Manager

Outcome Tone structure

Modelling your script is the same as modelling transitions through a process. The example shows you a high level transition process for seeing when and where your script is successful or fails.

SentenceFrequencyDrop OffR1R2R3
Sentence 1...10820500
Sentence 2...88201060
Sentence 3...6850400
Sentence 4...185800

The concept behind this transition table is simple, every sentence you speak buys you more time and interest into saying the next sentence. Every sentence, and every word should be selected for the purpose of portraying a message information or providing an action for the customer

The above model, is an example of the transition system in action. Which will allow you to analyse the effectiveness of each sentence and what occurred at each point of the script.

In modelling the script we use a simple table structure

SentenceTonePurpose of the SentenceExpect Customer ResponseTypes of Respose
Good Morning, How are you this morning?EnthusiasticSet mood for the callYes[Ok,Fine,Good]
I am calling on xyz company on a recorded lineEnthusiastic, FastRegulatoryNo
I'm calling to inform you that you have ...PositiveCustomer Solution StatementNo
additional sentence...ConfidentPre qualifying QuestionsYes[Yes,No]
[Yes] The yes route sentence...ConfidentPre qualifying QuestionsYes[Yes,No]
[No] The yes route sentence...ConfidentPre qualifying QuestionsYes[Yes,No]

Each part of the script has an exact purpose, with known outputs. So that you can think about how the customer response, how the customer interacts, and how it functions

At this point, you will need to test the model. Through acting as the customer, and the script reader.

Are there any unnecessary details ?
Do the customers understand each work?
Are there any routes which are not followed ?

Once you have the model of the script, as you can see above, you can take the transition and analise the process. Identifying drop offs, common rebuttal's to identify issues, tonal problems and continually improve the script.

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