Analysis of Leads

Scott Underhill

Analysis of Lead

The analysis of leads will provide insights into customer behaviour and leads of value

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Leads are the life blood of a call center, matching the right leads to the write customer problems and the right script is essential to get the most success out of the data you have.

Lead analysis is about getting a deep understanding about what attributes within a set of leads are producing results, and predicting behavior.

There are a lot of analysis you can do for your leads, but here we will look at a few.

List Quality: If you data has come from multiple sources, then you need to look at the list quality, you might want to look at answering machines, no pickups, DNC list etc. Looking at the breakdown of disposition status will indicate what lead sources are working with the script, and what lead sources are not working with the script.

A side by side comparison of lead performs gives a way of bench marketing behaviors of list and identifying the differences. Which will allow you to capitalize of strong lead sources, and lower the priority of lead sources which are not yielding the results that you need.

Lead Attributes: Another great segmentation is to look at what attributes with in a lead is yielding and responses and untimely yielding sales. There are many ways of modelling single and multiple attribute impacts of lead. Through simple models, or through using DNN (AI) you will be able to create models which allows you to understand the impact of lead attribute on sales, but in additional provide you predictions of conversions from lead attributes.

Having this in-depth knowledge of lead and lead attributes allows you to action many things. First, you can see what is performing and focus your energy on lead development around attributes providing success, second it allows you to predict ROI from a list of leads and allows you to benchmark your performance and improvement based on the prediction.

Lead Clusters: Another trend which might emerge are lead clusters. Often customer problems, solutions, scripts and tones need to be adjusted based on some attributes on a lead. With the right information and results on hand and with A/B testing, you will be able to create models of what is working with what attribute. Creating clusters allows for the refinement of the script and pitch based on the clusters. Once again, getting the most out of the leads that you have.

The best analysis and results will depend on the scope of your campaign. Focusing on getting quality results out of your leads, will take effort, the results will last for a long time. With models being easily improved over time.

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