KPI Analysis

Scott Underhill

Analysis of KPIS

Audience Campaign Manager

Outcome Improving your KPIs and Systems

Often many companies have good intentions of setting up their KPIs, but often lack the follow through to perform the analysis of the KPIs.

The KPIs are in place for multiple reasons, ensuring that campaign goals are align with the company goals, ensuring that the company can react to issues and be proactive to correct them as they occur.

In analysis KPIs, you can review a variety of different aspects

Market Factors: Has something in the market changed over time that is not factored in, what action needs to be tacked to that factor.

Internal Factors: What has occurred internally, or with a customer which is impacting the result, what could it be and why is it happening.

Process Driven: Is there something which is working or not working in the process which is impacting the KPI and why is it the case.

Getting a foundation of the cause and effects on KPIs gives you the ability to establish a foundation to work on.

Since, you have the KPI in place, you can create assumptions about how it can be improved and impacted.

The KPI provides the initial measure of how something is performing today. Testing an assumption and then using the KPI to see how it impacts the business is a great way of improving the business and the KPI. As you have the system in place to do so, and it allows you to quantify the results.

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