Daily KPIs

Scott Underhill

Daily KPIS

In the day to day running of the call center, the real truth about the behaviour of the call center is in the real time KPIS.

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Outcome What to monitor

There is an old expression, time is money. And for a call center, this is a very important concept. Monitoring the daily KPIs, and knowing what to expect is critical to the importance of the call center. Being proactive on KPIs to know what the current state people are in, knowing what is acceptable and knowing what is not acceptable.

As mentioned before, each KPI should have

LowA range below this is unacceptable
Low - MediumAcceptable range, can be improved
HighIndicating continual growth in the business

In planning for the daily activities you should evaluate and decided what KPIs will be best suited to measure that person, and what is the action plan associated with each KPI.

For each KPI, when it gets under the low score you might have an action plan, such as pull agent off the phone. Potentially issues a warning, and also go through training and explanation process of why they where not achieving the relative goal.

Being highly proactive avoids massive loss of time and cost, and will aid in identifying issues in real time and delivering results in real time.

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